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What Paper Weight Do I Need?

Not sure about the weight of paper? The ‘grams per square metre’ or gsm of paper can have little meaning if you do not print regularly. Depending on what you print, you might find yourself asking what paper weight do I need? Ordinary printer paper for use at office and home is typically 80gsm – 100gsm. This […]

What is Bleed?

Have you been asked to provide a print ready file that includes bleed, and might not know what that is? Bleed refers to the area around the print that will be trimmed away. Picture ink ‘bleeding’ or spreading past the edges of a painting. As all print machines will have some degree of movement (up […]

Should I use a Static or Dynamic QR Code in my Print?

You’ve read about the benefits of a custom branded QR code, and now there is another option to consider: should you use a static or dynamic QR code in your print? What are they, and how will their differences help your print? A static QR code is the most common kind, where as soon as the code […]

What is a Branded QR Code?

How do you make an already neat tool benefit your marketing even more? Give it your branding. You may have already read our previous article on How to Use QR Codes in Your Print (if not, go ahead and give it a click). So, you may already know what these Quick Response codes are all about […]

What File Type Is Best For Printing?

Have you got your estimate, agreed on material and quantity, all ready to place your printing order until you realize- you’re not quite sure how the printers need the documents sent to them? Let’s go over what a few of the different file types are used for, and what file type is best for printing. […]

How To Use QR Codes In Your Print

Have you seen those strange black boxes popping up everywhere? Over posters, delivery labels, even business cards? Everyone has a different blocky pattern? Like futuristic hieroglyphics? Those would be QR codes. Now let’s talk about how to use QR codes in your print. QR Codes (a Quick Response code) is just a new design of the classic […]

How Do I Print Architectural Plans?

Changes can be made and approved very suddenly, so a lot of architects and builders need to be able to get their hands on new drawings quickly. One barrier to this can be if they don’t know how to print architectural drawings and plans. Architectural drawings and plans can contain a lot of small information […]

What is Correx?

A cost effective, durable signage solution that is going to be more attractive than a laminated sheet of A4 stickytaped up. Correx is definitely a good option for a lot of signage possibilities, but to make sure it is right for your project, you might be asking; what is Correx? Correx is flat, rigid board, […]

How To Use Colour To Increase Sales

Choosing the right colours for you print literature can sometimes be the difference between people reading it or just putting it to one side. So, you need to ensure you are using the right option for the outcome you are seeking. But how do you know which colours are the right ones to use? This […]

What Is The Best Paper For Printing Letterheads?

Ever had a fight to get your office printer to just print out one(just the ONE! when you’re in a rush too!) invoice or proposal letter onto your office stationary? Letterheads are one more way a company can make sure their brand has a impact on their customer. If they are elegantly styled or used […]