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What is Foamex?

More customers than ever are looking for better ways to set up signage. Something easy to carry, easy to set up, weatherproof and re-useable. For something that ticks all these boxes, Foamex is a great way to go. So, what is Foamex? Foamex, or foam board, is made of compressed layers of PVC foam, where […]

How To Design A Great Postcard

An effective postcard not only has to look good, but it also must follow some essential rules of marketing to ensure you get a great response from it. This article shows how you can design some amazing postcards that will get you insanely great response rates. There is a 4-letter acronym that a lot of […]

What Are The Different Kinds of Book Binding?

A book without any binding isn’t a book at all. It’s a pile of sheets. Some could argue it could be a Kindle or other brand of eBook, but that’s a different situation altogether. But a booklet can be the best way to convey information to your market. If you have a technical manual, a […]

How To Create Print-Ready Files

The term print-ready artwork still remains a mystery for almost all people who buy print and even some designers who are more used to preparing files for online content. So how do you create print-ready artwork that you can confidently give to your printer and know they won’t reject the file or add costly file […]

What Is The Best Paper For Printing Business Cards?

Have you ever felt like you’re not getting the response you want when you hand someone your business card? It is some peoples first, and lasting impression of your company, so it is worth the extra attention when printing your cards. So, let’s look at the basics of which paper is best to print business […]

How To Choose A Great Print Supplier

This article explores five things you must look for in a print supplier and if they tick all these boxes then you can be sure you have a very rare breed of print supplier that will meet all your needs. As a buyer, we often like to get the best value for our money – […]

How To Select Paper For Your Print Project – A Guide

We get asked a lot about what is the best paper to use for printing and our answer is always “it depends”. This is because so much depends on the what you are printing onto the paper as well as the desired outcome you want to achieve. This article will arm you with some knowledge […]

What Is The Best Paper for Printing Leaflets?

Your leaflets will be someone’s first impression of your new product or event, from a breakout band’s latest gig to their freshest album drop. You’re going to want their response to be as enthusiastic about your product as you are. And the first place to start is deciding what is the best paper for printing […]

Why Does Thick Paper Need To Be Creased?

Have you ever tried to fold a thick piece of paper or a postcard in half by hand? Straight away you’ll see the all the way down the fold the paper will start cracking apart. Either little wrinkles will appear in the solid colour printed onto it or the paper itself will literally split and […]

Should I Email Or Print My Newsletter?

Ever wondered what would be the most effective way to distribute your newsletter? A list of emails is the most direct and immediate route, but does it pay off? Should you email or print your newsletter? Emails have a lot of pros going for them. First off, they’re free. Completely free! They go direct from […]