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How To Choose A Great Print Supplier

This article explores five things you must look for in a print supplier and if they tick all these boxes then you can be sure you have a very rare breed of print supplier that will meet all your needs. As a buyer, we often like to get the best value for our money – whether it’s buying a house, a car, a television, clothes, or a pair of trainers. This doesn’t mean that we go for the cheapest option but one that provides us with the most bang for our buck!

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The same is true about choosing a print supplier as there are so many different types so choosing one which is right for us is often quite difficult. Every supplier says they provide excellent quality and service – when was the last time you met a supplier who said their quality was poor and they provided a bad service?

We would argue that providing great quality and excellent service should be the minimum you should expect from any supplier. Therefore, you must look a little deeper and this article shows you what to look for in a quality print supplier who goes over and above everyone else.

So, how do you choose a great print supplier? Read on to find out more…

Do they understand your business?

Most print suppliers are great at putting ink on paper and producing great quality print. However, very few will ask you what you are aiming to achieve with the print and advise you on things that would help improve the impact of the printed piece. See if the supplier asks about your business, what the printed item is meant to achieve and who the target audience is. If you come across this type of printer, then you know you are off to a good start.

Will they add value?

Let’s face it – you do not get up in the morning thinking I must go out and buy some print because it’s such a cool thing to do. The print is purely a means to an end and it is the end result that is important. If your print supplier understands your business (see previous point), are they coming up with ideas and suggestions to improve the outcome? If so, you can be sure this printer will be worth thousands, if not tens of thousands, in increased revenue or cost savings for your business.

Are they aware of the environment?

Is the print supplier taking steps to reduce the impact on the environment as this is becoming more and more important? Try and choose a printer who has got a sustainability policy – this may be things like being FSC certified or buying paper only from suppliers who are FSC certified.

Do they make your life easier?

Does the approach the print supplier use make your life easier. For example, no matter who you speak to in the team, are they able to give you an accurate update on your job or pass you very quickly onto someone who can? Are they quick in returning quotes? Do they give you a clear delivery date and then stick to it? Are they easy to deal with? All these things may seem simple to do but you would be amazed how many print suppliers fail in doing this.

Do they help you save cost?

By this, we don’t necessarily mean are they are the cheapest. However, if they have understood your business, are adding value, have an environment policy and make your life easier then this is a lot of hidden cost you are not incurring compared to a supplier who may not have one or more of the above. They may also come up with more efficient ways of doing things – for example, reduced postage when doing mailings or suggesting a process that saves you a lot of time.


If you do come across a print supplier that ticks all of the boxes mentioned in this article, then hang on to them for dear life as they are a very rare breed indeed. You will find that it will not only make your print buying easier, quicker and less costly but they may even change your business for the better!

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Want to know the secret to being more Productive?

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Want to find out more?

Our team are dedicated to helping you in any way they can