Meet Our Team


Aarif Merali

Owner & Head Of Marketing

My job is to ensure any marketing campaigns we carry out for our clients have the maximum chance of generating insanely great response rates. This may include creating the concept for the campaign, crafting the headlines and doing the copywriting. I then hand over to our design team to work their magic and make things look really good. Outside of D2R, you will find me either on the golf course or on the ski slopes with my three young sons and lovely wife Khairun!


Khairun Merali

Co-owner, Company Secretary & Office All-rounder

I am the all-rounder of the D2R team and get involved in everything from the company finances, dealing with suppliers, customer quotes, helping the production team with urgent deadlines and ensuring that the D2R engine is well-oiled and running smoothly. I am also in charge of ensuring the team get their Friday cakes so they end the week on a sweet note!


Daniel Parkes

Centre Manager

I manage the D2R team to make sure that all jobs go out on time and our customers are 110% happy. I have been known to jump in the car on a Friday evening to deliver parcels to clients all the way in the West End. I deal with customers in a charming and engaging manner to ensure they are completely satisfied. A lot of our customers like me as much for my hairstyle as my can-do attitude!


Bogdan Crisan


I am the creative heart of the team and manage to effortlessly turn client requirements into stunning artwork and design. Whether you want a simple logo created or a complex brochure for a new line of products and services, I will make sure the design has very high impact. Once I have my first cup of coffee and a bottle of Coca Cola in the morning, those creative thoughts just start to flow!


Marek Biesiekierski

Digital Print Operator

I handle the production of the jobs at D2R and am responsible for producing a job from start to finish. Throughout the entire process my keen eye for detail ensures the quality of the printed piece is perfect and lives up to the expectations of our customer. After a hard day in production at D2R, I like to kick back with a few games on my Playstation games console!


Karen Gaskell

Print Apprentice

I am currently doing a printing apprenticeship at D2R and have managed to make myself a key part of the team. I get involved with everything from dealing with clients, running print jobs, booking deliveries and helping out wherever I am required. I am in to adventure and fantasy games big time – so anyone for Dungeons & Dragons?


Nicki Bain

Print Production Assistant

I am "the glue" that holds the team together and get involved in estimating, production, liaising with clients and checking to see all deadlines are met. I also have a huge passion for photography and, having been lucky enough to have lived in Cornwall for a few years, I love photographing the night sky when it's a gorgeous starry night.

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It is no surprise to me that D2R are doing so well...

“Highly personable, very friendly and warming personalities. It is no surprise to me that D2R are doing so well. I have hired Aarif and his team on a number of occasions with great results.”
Iain Scott - Director, Base Creative